Compliance Audits

The federal government issued nearly 4,000 final rules last year. Do you know which ones apply to your facility? Are you in compliance with the ones you know about?

The most organized, detailed environmental management system is only as good as the day-to-day operations, record keeping, and reporting behind it.

Many state and local jurisdictions offer certain levels of immunity from administrative or civil fines for violations that are discovered through an environmental audit and are voluntarily and promptly corrected.

Access can help you identify the applicable requirements and evaluate compliance with air, water, and waste rules.

Our audits are intended to review a facility’s compliance status in an operational context. Compliance audits begin with determining the applicable compliance requirements against which the operations will be assessed. These include federal regulations, state regulations, permits and local ordinances/codes. Often, permits for air emissions, wastewater discharges, and other operational aspects, establish additional legal compliance standards beyond the regulations.

A protocol, or checklist, will be developed and used by our environmental auditors as the guide for conducting the audit activities.

Compliance audits may be multimedia or programmatic. Multimedia audits involve identifying and auditing all environmental media (air, water, waste, etc.) that apply to the facility. Programmatic audits are limited in scope to pre-identified regulatory areas, such as air permitting.